On The Outside

A 24 year old. From a culture where following morals were of crucial significance and more importantly, from a family where judgement was quick to come from my every move, I slowly learnt to lead a double life. A life in front of my family and another to the rest of the world.

There are many blogs out there that focus on peoples passions such as food, music or beauty. This blog is also about a passion of mine – LIFE. A space to express my feelings and experiences. The diary of Elle – a damsel…in distress.

I live in a big family consisting of 9 very close cousins, 6 aunts & uncles and my diva of a grandma. To the outside world we are the perfect family. Indestructible. But on the inside its quite the contrary. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and in the good times we all get along like a house on fire but it doesn’t take a lot for the waters to change. You’ll come to see this for yourself. My immediate family consists of Daddy, Mummy, my younger sister Becky and I, Elle. We are the mediators in our family and tend to stay out of everyone’s hair, away from the drama. But the thing about drama is, it can’t help but find its way to you.

I, like every 24 year old, have gone through my fair share of problems from family to friends to boyfriends, beginning the path to my double life. To my family I am an outgoing, witty individual who doesn’t falter for another’s opinion. On the outside however, I am exactly the same, but with a touch of scandal, pinch of secrets and a whole lot of drama.